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Our Child Custody training program is designed to help the children by assisting the responsible parent with the best information and techniques to advocate for the children's best interest.  To become educated about how this process works and what you can do about it is PARAMOUNT TO YOUR CASE.

How to Win Custody of Your Child

  • This site is dedicated to teaching you how to WIN OR DEFEND CUSTODY for your child.  Custody is not an automatic process where the parent with the best intent always prevails.

  • We will teach you what you need to know about child custody.    We will tell you ahead of time what your attorney may not tell you.  Stay one step ahead of the process to achieve success.

  • The Win Child Custody video has been used by thousands of parents to help them achieve the goals that they have set in custody and visitation.

  • Learning how to win or defend child custody is the key to taking the frustration out of the process and getting results.

  • Avoid costly mistakes that you cannot afford to make with your children.   They are depending on you.

  • Learn practical and detailed tips on what you should and should not do in your custody case. 

  • We are available at our toll free number to help you with any specific custody questions after watching the video.

  • All issues and topics are covered on one video.  Our guarantee:  If you still have a custody question after watching the video, we will help you with your questions by telephone at no extra charge.



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